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Many American companies are slowly trudging
along, with a sense of entitlement and complacence. They are satisfied with “business as usual”, and rarely make thorough investigations into decreased productivity, latent R&D, underperforming salespeople, or an outdated factory. The bleak reality of this situation is that many CEOs and company heads cannot detect the severity of these problems until it is far too late. Through the expert, no-nonsense advice of Steve Blue, companies learn how to change their earning potential by double-digits, turning the competition on their heads!Steve Blue conveys a true sense of urgency and passion for the well being of companies on the verge of failure. He provides a reality check for CEOs lying in the weeds, waiting for something good to happen. He stresses the criticality of a dying company’s situation, and conveys the imperative nature of meticulous reporting, bookkeeping, the concept of real liquidity, and a litany of additional concepts that are keys to the success
of a business.

Speaking Clips

What to do about bonehead policies that are written, administered, and enforced by boneheads.

Did you know the first and last contact a customer has with your company can often make the difference between success and failure?

Do you have some sales people who make decisions that are better for your customers than for your company?